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Ron  Savage
Ron  Savage

Son Of The Hip Hop Movement

 In 1990 while working with the rap group Snap who's hit record "I Got The Power" inspired me along with hearing Public Enemy to sit down and look at my life and say i want to fight for my community and at that time felt that hip hop has changed into a movement and sat down and carved the term Six elements of the Hip Hop Movement. The Official Six Elements Of The Hip Hop Movement is: Consciousness Awareness, Civil Rights Awareness, Activism Awareness, Justice, Political Awareness and Community Awareness. This is how and what made me get into politics. I felt the need to make hip hop more than just hip hop, it's cool to know hip hop but at the same time you have to know government to fight the power. In 2008, I was elected to the New York State Democratic Committee with the help of former NYS Assemblyman Peter M Rivera and over time was honored by the Bronx, New York's NAACP with an award for recognition of my devotion and commitment in uplifting youth in the community.   



 I hope my book IMPULSE, URGES AND FANTASIES can help many people who may be going through depression or some sought of trauma. If so, we have a lot in common. When I was a young teen I was betrayed by people I trusted in and out of Hip Hop also molested by one of those people to which I held it in for approx 35 years. This damaged me in ways people would never understand. People ask why did you hold this secret for so long, I guess those are the people who haven't been touched the way I was, with the making of my memoirs book hip hop history has been changed forever.