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Speaking Engagements

  • Ron Savage is available for all speaking engagements, events, and hosting.
  • Ron speaks on the earlier days of hip hop, talks about being a former Artist liaison, breaks down what a member of the democratic state committee is and talks about the painful days at 15 years old being sexually taking advantage of at the beginning of being a part of Hip Hop.  

Hon. Ronald Savage

Ron Savage is a  community leader and a former member of the New York State Democratic Committee who fought hard for the people in the State of New York and in his district.  While elected to the New York State Committee Savage was on the resolution committee fighting for the people of the State of New York.

Today Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage is the Chair of the Sex Assault & Domestic Violence committee for the Bronx chapter of the National Action Network. He also is a recording Artist, an advocate for civil rights & fights for community issues and concerns in New York State.

Ron Savage is the owner of the Hip Hop Movement fighting on behalf of the 

Hip Hop Community and is available for speech engagements.



Ron Savage Is Apart of The Child Victims Act in New York State

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Ron "Bee-Stinger" Savage

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